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About Us

Where Rich Brews and Bold Spirits Collide.

We combined the essence of legends (Our Muses), the boldness of their spirits, and the richness of every sip of coffee to brew up our business. 

In Coffee We Trust Hallandale Beach Beacon Hallandale.jpg

Our Story

In Coffee We Trust was born of the coming together of three very different women that came from different paths of life, perspectives, tastes, careers, experiences and expertise but shared a common bold sentiment and love for all thinks coffee & pastries. They came together to create a space they craved and knew lacked and embarked on what has become the best endevour of their lives: In Coffee We Trust.

We celebrate life's grind and provide the fuel to keep it going. Coffee brought us together and we hope to do the same for many more to come.


Indulge. Grind. Savor. Repeat.


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